With a unique taste, an endless source of recipes inspiration, and the pure moments of happiness it creates, French Foie Gras is a delicate and exquisite product.

But the way foie gras is being produced is not very well know.

As a matter of facts, the so-called fattening process – an age-old practice, necessary to produce a foie gras in line with customers’ expectations – can sometimes be misunderstood or not well explained.  

In order to enable everyone to know more about foie gras and its methods of production, French producers of web-footed birds (geese or ducks) decided to present their metier and their know-how, with a genuine transparency.  

In line with the consumption development, the web-footed bird production has well improved over the past 20 years.

Major changes aimed to improve the raising livestock working conditions while easing painfulness for the farmers.

Thanks to the utilised material and the genetic evolution of raised and fattened ducks and geese, fattening processes also improved considerably. 

Nowadays, this step lasts between 10 to 14 days only within the life of a duck and is performed within a ruled and very well maintained context, controlled by genuine professionals or stockbreeders.



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Similarly with any other kind of stock breeding, animal welfare remains at the centre of farmers’ preoccupations. Additionally, animal welfare also represents a growing concern for all citizens and consumers.



As always since the foie gras was discovered, livestock farmers will continue to improve their techniques and know-how to offer to all foie gras connoisseurs a top-quality product issued from the ducks or geese raised within the best conditions.


They agreed to open up their world for us, so that we can discover their outstanding know-how and share the incredible passion they have for animals and high-quality products.






Philippe BARON

President of The French Federation
of Foie gras producers



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